The Unmade Album ep

by The Long Shadows

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Lost bits, demos, and live things for the road. If I find more I'll add it later.


released December 12, 2013



all rights reserved


The Long Shadows Decatur, Georgia

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Track Name: Emotional Needs (live)
In your sad little basement you just sit down there and you take it
you're not a man you're a boy my emotional test tube toy
and no one likes to see you cry but you cry so well you're a deep dark well and temptation has got one up over me
Ive got emotional needs that you seem to please
a desire for control is an itch that demands scratching and
you're defenses are lacking it's all your fault
and you are damnfully indebted to my babying and affection and you're too stupid to get one up over me
Ive got you aiming to please
my emotional needs
an aspirin for a disease
I've got emotional needs
Track Name: Saturday Night Coming Down (live on air)
It's ugly but its functional well thats the way it goes just take it in stride
in between day and night your scattered sight is trying to see but blurred
amphetamine high well it's an attempt to be something normal like
Saturday night coming down
Gave up on the ole higher road well it was just moral code
for you to pretend you're right
used to stay up all night thinking of ways to excite a tired human race
but it seemed rather trite cos no one cares what you do unless you make local news
Saturday night coming down
Track Name: Two Delinquents (demo)
We're out in the park and its well after dark
your breath is fast caffeine we've got the teenage disease
well we're young I think we should have fun
this is amazing we're going crazy
these cops are angry but they can't catch me
the shadows are sparse but we hide in the park
I see their flashlight beams
they sparkle through your sweat beads
well we've won I kiss you just for fun
this is amazing your heart is racing
my body's blazing
we're touching energy
Track Name: Drakkar Songa (live on air)
We were always considered strange boys
we were cast out beyond the breaking point
they made us believe that we couldn't be as
clever or as sweet as the other boys
poor self esteem from your wrecking ball
we climbed out of debris to still stand tall
you can not decrease the prize that I seek
the rubble of me makes solid building ground
you'll never believe the pitfalls that creep
up under my feet when I try too hard
Track Name: American Breakdown (demo)
Driving your complacent car the radio reopens scars triggered by the song of the day finding yourself in tears your destiny consumed by fear these feelings will not simply go away cos your real emotions convey the notion to drive you far away in finding the meaning a cinder of feelings is burning you with dismay
its the chaos of emotion that reminds you of the ocean turbulent and whisking you away a freeway sign reads Tampa Bay you feel the urge to run away but your boss and your wife depend on you everyday so you wake up hungover on a beach thats over nearly four hundred miles away its called a nervous breakdown but now that you're safe and sound its going to be one hell of a sick-day you're the mad man crying in the waves you're the madman laughing in the waves
its in these times of clarity you'll see your dreams and fancies are all but getting slowly washed away we try to think outside ourselves to preserve our own mental health it worked for Jesus, Gondi, and M.L.K. you're going to need to get some therapy you're going to get a grip one of these days
Track Name: Optimist Cowboy (demo)
you've been over the leaving you've been over the truth you've gotten over the waiting for someone new and now you feel so untied and the foot leaves the shoe and you've gotten so tired of being you and you don't see the likable in you and you don't think that your wonderful like i do
don't you fret woman we're going to paint gray skys blue i'll be your optimist cowboy your emotional rescue and don't ever think its not love whatever you do just don't say its not love
Isolation is lonely and you don't have a clue as to how to meet faces waiting to embrace you and becoming the one that they need in the room and like the rays of the sun force away their gloom
but it takes time for people to see you so just sit tight and they'll soon relate to you
don't you fret woman cloudy days always blow through I'll be you're optimist cowboy you're emotional rescue and don't ever think its not love whatever you do just don't say its not love
communication's frustrating its so hard to get through but neglect's devastating i hate not talking to you and i don't know so far just what you're going through but I've been spending some time just thinking of you sometimes i see you too afraid to move i'd offer my help but i just don't know how to
don't you fret woman we're going to paint gray skys blue i'll be you're optimist cowboy tour emotional rescue
Track Name: Shake and Rock (live)
Shake and rock until four-o-clock when I said I'm heading off to bed
pretty baby took me by the hand said get all the sleep you need when you're dead
I said I'm working at nine, could you find somebody else instead
she said it wouldn't be the same without you when asked why she said
its because,
your love has got me feeling real good
yeah she said... (more dumb words) ect.